Life is short, time to get your “Affairs” in order.

Not the Ashely Madison type, but please read on….
April 30 2012 was the last day of aggressive cancer treatments, that I had started 5 months earlier.  

The intense chemo and radiation treatments had devastating effects on the cancer, as well as my body, mind and spirit.

The side effects have taken years of adjustment, and left permanent damage, but I would not trade one moment for anything on earth.  

Some are surprised to hear me often say, “I would not wish the suffering I endured, on my worst enemy, but I’m glad I went through it.”

Some things in life can’t be purchased with all the world’s wealth. The journey gave me time to deeply think about “the big question.” 

You know…… what happens after we die?  Well, it has been completely answered now, and I have complete peace about “that day.”

Have you answered the question? If not, don’t delay!

Science has proven beyond all doubt, that our bodies, do in fact, decay and rot (or burn to ashes) after death.  

So, what will transport your soul or spirit to its destination?

For the answer, find a bible and read 2 Corinthians chpt 5. 

It will be the best 10 minutes you could invest in your eternity.

See you on the other side :@) 

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and The Life.

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