I see dead people.

 “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. 

Very truly I tell you, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live. 

(John 5:24, 25 NIV)

Are you dead?  I once was, but now I live.

Do you find it strange that words can bring arguments or peace, depending on your point of view?


Jesus came with words of life and they killed Him for it.  Did he actually die over some words, so you may live?  It depends on how you look at it, or better yet, where you are in life.

If you happen to be healthy, happy and financially fit, then the prospect of death may not seem so real.  What if for example, you just heard similar words (from your Doctor), that were spoken to me (by mine).  “I’m very sorry, I don’t have good news for you, your biopsy confirms you have cancer.”

Nothing like a few words from someones mouth to get your attention about your future.  “There is so much to do and see,  how much time do I have left?”  All of a sudden a clock has profound meaning and the realization that you have absolutely no say or control on how much time you have been given, hits home….

I can tell you one thing… After going though that, no matter how long I have, I will live each day without regret or remorse.  Because as the scripture says,  “I have crossed over from death to life”

Photo by Lisa Sexton

It took cancer to wake me up.  What will it take to get your attention?

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