Life is short, time to get your “Affairs” in order.

Not the Ashely Madison type, but please read on….
April 30 2012 was the last day of aggressive cancer treatments, that I had started 5 months earlier.  

The intense chemo and radiation treatments had devastating effects on the cancer, as well as my body, mind and spirit.

The side effects have taken years of adjustment, and left permanent damage, but I would not trade one moment for anything on earth.  

Some are surprised to hear me often say, “I would not wish the suffering I endured, on my worst enemy, but I’m glad I went through it.”

Some things in life can’t be purchased with all the world’s wealth. The journey gave me time to deeply think about “the big question.” 

You know…… what happens after we die?  Well, it has been completely answered now, and I have complete peace about “that day.”

Have you answered the question? If not, don’t delay!

Science has proven beyond all doubt, that our bodies, do in fact, decay and rot (or burn to ashes) after death.  

So, what will transport your soul or spirit to its destination?

For the answer, find a bible and read 2 Corinthians chpt 5. 

It will be the best 10 minutes you could invest in your eternity.

See you on the other side :@) 

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and The Life.

The Breath of Life.

Whether we were created, evolved, or came from aliens… science has proven our bodies are made up of the same basic elements of this earth.
The simple description is, Water + Earth = Mud.

That’s a pretty unsophisticated representation regarding the complexity of our carcasses, but for the sake of this post lets just agree we are all a bunch of animated mud cakes.

Haunted graveyard photo by Junior Libby (modified)

What I’m really interested to discuss is the soul or spirit part of our lives.  What is it really, and where does it come from? Also, what happens to it when we die?

There is plenty of data about the biology of elements and organisms inside the body, but not much about the life force or soul and spirit that sustains us all.

Wikipedia has information on the spirit, but the best reference (i’ve found) about the our invisible soul and spirit is contained in the Bible.  It even says God has a soul and spirit.  (Matthew 12:18 ASV)
Behold, my servant whom I have chosen; My beloved in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my Spirit upon him, And he shall declare judgment to the Gentiles.

According to the Strong’s Greek Dictionary, the transliteration for the word soul is psuché where we get psyche from.  Here is the link for the full soul description

The word Spirit is described as pneuma, which translated is Breath or Wind, here is the link to the full spirit description, if you wish to read further.

Now, it’s possible some of you don’t believe in God, and that is not what this particular post is about.  I would hope that if you have a view about our life force, soul, psyche or spirit…  that you would feel comfortable to share…  You won’t be bashed or ridiculed, in fact you will be welcomed.

I’m absolutely gracious and open minded to other people’s views and would hope you are as well, that we may inspire discussion in the same light.

My openness comes from a time I posted a (legitimate) question about the beginning of life, and only one person out of ten that answered it, did so with unbiased information.  The others spewed forth ridicule, contempt and disdain for my view.  I didn’t even state “my view;” but they assumed it in a negative fashion based on my question.  So, If you just happen to hold a different viewpoint, please feel welcome to participate.

Human Eye by Zaldy Icaonapo.

Wikipedia has detailed definitions of our thoughts from some very smart people.   Now, we do know they exist even though we can’t see them.

We also can’t see our feelings and emotions, but know they exist too.  Have you ever tried to reveal a vivid dream you had, and could not find any words to adequately articulate what you experienced? Sometimes we see strange and stunning details that just can’t be described.

C.S. Lewis commented about our invisible qualities, he states, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

Just because it can’t be proven or explained does not mean it doesn’t exist…
There most certainly is more to the Breath of life within us than can be found in a Petri dish.

What are your thoughts, comments?