About me

Hi, my name is Greg Bartlett and I’m somewhat intimidated to have a blog of this sort, but questions about life have fascinated me long enough, that I am compelled to take my journey outward…

Actually, the longer I live, and the more I learn, it convinces me that I have not even cracked the book of life yet…  there is a lot more to living than meets the eye.

In any case, I’m here to open myself to greater understanding by discussing topics most people avoid.

One thing I do know well is… the intense suffering that goes with chemo and radiation treatments for stage 4 cancer.  It is a tough fight, but worth every ounce of energy that you can muster.  Life on the other-side is sweet. (the full experience can be read here).

If the very least I bring to you is hope and courage during life’s darker moments, then I have succeeded in my mission in life.

The name “Animated Mud,” comes from my belief that our bodies contain the same elements of this earth… and for a time… a very brief time… we are animated with the breath of life for a purpose.

Please enjoy your visit!